Visiting Angkor temples is to travel through time. There may be other archeological places to visit in the world but definitely Angkor is a unique experience that no one should miss.

To make the most of your visit is highly recommended to read in advance about the Khmer empire and Angkor history. Understand the meaning of the symbology/imagery of the temples allows you to enjoy more this magic place.

There is a lot of literature and travel guides that describe well Angkor temples and its visit, I just will mention from my personal experience, that one day is not enough time for the visit. We expend three days and covered only a small part of the temples.

In the next posts I will share photos and some comments of the temples we visited. I liked all of them, each one has its own charm and I would suggest to go a bit out of the beaten path, visit at least one small temple, the more isolated the better.

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