There is nothing that prepares you for the magnificence of Angkor Wat Temple. There are other archeological places to visit in the world but no other as magic as Angkor Wat is.

It is a miracle we still can visit this place, that its millennial carved devatas have survived till this times for us to be able to watch them. The fantastic bas-reliefs full of art, history and divinity. The sacred space where people still go to pray to their gods. Everything in this place is unique and it definitely worth a visit (or more) at least once in a life time.

I have lot of photos, each time I watch the photos I a discover a new detail that I have not seen the previous time. This temple is so full of fine details that is not possible to capture every detail in photos.

I decided to split the images in three galleries: one photo gallery for the temple itself, its architecture. A second gallery for the bas-reliefs. And a third gallery for the devatas and apsaras, the women of Angkor.

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