Before to consider the trip to visit Angkor I did not know much about its temples. As many people, I had the idea that Angkor was only one temple, Angkor Wat.

Once I started to research about the Khmer empire, its culture and cities I realize how wrong I was! I got then very interested on all the temples and eager to read all the details of each one. Soon I learned that most of the temples, despite to be different, share many characteristics. But it was Bayon temple which surprised me more.

The fact that Bayon is a buddhist and not an hindu temple marks already a difference but are its face towers the ones who cause more impact when you visit it. I read in some of the Angkor books that researchers believe that Bayon temple was used by more than one king. Each new king that use the temple added some reforms according with his taste and that is the reason for the structure of this temple to be complicated.

I enjoy a lot my visit to Bayon temple. I loved the beautiful devatas, the monkeys hanging around, the mysterious tower faces, looking at you all the time. And finally but not least, I liked a lot the basreliefs. Unlike the basreliefs of Angkor Wat that depict mostly scenes from the Hinduism holy books, in Bayon temple we can see scenes from the normal daily life of people of Angkor. It is very interesting to see the scenes of normal people in their normal activities, it allows you to understand better how was life in times of the Khmer empire.

We visited the temple at first hour in the morning, it was worth it. The temple gets very crowded and it is not as easy to move around as it is in Angkor Wat, this temple is more compact.

As I did with the post of Angkor Wat, I divided the photos in three galleries: one gallery for the temple itself, one for the devatas and apsaras and one more gallery for the basreliefs.

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