Preah Khan temple is for me, the most complete temple from all the temples I visited at Angkor archeological park. This temple check all the points in the list of things to see at an Angkor temple: impressive entrances (at each cardinal point) with small scale representations of gods pulling the sacred snake like the ones you can observe (in a major scale) at the entrances of the Angkor Thom citadel, a great hall of dancers, beautiful devatas, and much more.

The thing is that somehow Preah Khan is not as famous as its counterpart temple Ta Prohm, but one could say that Preah Khan can be even more impressive than Ta Prohm.

Both temples were built at the same period. Ta Prohm was dedicated by the king Jayavarman VII to his mother and Preah Khan was dedicated to his father. The two temples share many architectonic features and Preah Khan also has beautiful trees covering the walls, one of the most attractive features of Ta Prohm.

But Preah Khan also has some additional features that make the temple unique, like an unusual building of two levels with circular columns or multiple medallions with original designs. I also found the male figures sculpted on the walls very beautiful. The female figures, devatas, are beautiful but the male figures, dvarapalas, are also beautiful and are less common. They were mainly placed at the entrances of the buildings, as guardians of the temples and in Preah Khan you can observe several samples of these male figures.

In summary, Preah Khan is a very interesting temple and I would include it as an essential in a visit to the Angkor complex.

I created three galleries for this temple: one with general photos around the temple, a second gallery with photos of the pediments and decorations on the walls, like medallions and a third gallery showing the entrances to the temple and the surrounding landscape.

  • The temple
  • Pediments and walls decoration
  • Preah Khan entrances

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