A bit out of the main circuits you can find this little but beautiful temple. We visited Ta Som at the end of the afternoon, after we have already visited several temples and I remember that my thought was: this is going to be just more of the same.

Well, Ta Som proved that there is not a temple in Angkor, without consider its size, that can not surprise you. I enjoyed a lot my visit to this hidden treasure.

There were not too many people, around five persons in total in all the temple. The devatas are very original, many of them with mirrors and birds and somehow they are depicted playing with their hair. There are also interesting pediments and beautiful surrounding vegetation, the temple looks very green, which contrast with the red hues of its walls.

There is also a magnificent tree that cover with its roots one of the entrances, the perfect spot for that Lara Croft photo! You can not avoid to think about all that people at Ta Prohm fighting to take a photo while here there is a similar spot only for yourself.

Very nice temple, it is worth it to take the time to visit it.

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