Many people arrive to Siem Reap just for a day trip, they run around the temples and then leave without to experience the city. I do not blame the people that go directly to the temples and when they return to their hotels are too tired to go out in the city, however; if you have the time, Siem Reap is an interesting city with nice things to explore and do.

There are a couple of temples (the modern ones) that are interesting to visit. The temple that I show in the photo gallery is Wat Preah Prom Rath, located in the center of the city, very easy to find.

There is also the Angkor National museum, which is an important complement to the visit of the monuments in Angkor. The museum have many original pieces from the temples and provide information about the origin and meaning of the sculptures.

We also visited parks and some kind of library together with a school and was nice to see the people: students, children, during their normal activities.

Other interesting sights to visit are the markets, there are several ones from food to souvenirs, local products and crafts, beautiful scarfs, stone figures, paintings, etc.

And finally there is the so called “pub street” full of bars, coffee shops and restaurants. The food is delicious and there are places for all the tastes.

I strongly recommend to take the time to explore Siem Reap city and support also the local businesses. Local people need support and a big proportion of them base their economy on the tourism.

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